COGS is a new language designed to make it simple and fast to create games. COGS is awesome and you should try it because:

  • COGS is 100% cross platform. If your game works on Windows, it will work on Linux without any changes. COGS (and SDL) deal with all that stuff for you. macOS, Android and iOS are coming.
  • Any game created with COGS will be modable. If there's something about a game you don't like you can change it. You can add new features and remove any chickens you don't like.
  • COGS is free to use.
  • COGS is complete, ready to go. There is one small download that contains everything you need. Just grab your favourite text editor (or vim) and go......
  • COGS is very lightweight to develop with. You can use a Raspberry Pi as your dev machine. Builds take seconds. I know as Exploding Fist was developed on a Pi4.

COGS is Currently In Development

COGS is currently being developed. It is working, and can create fully playable games. There are some important features still being developed but you can check out some games created and coming in the Games section.

I'm developing a set of my favourite classic games to get the design of COGS right. All games will be free and the COGS source for all the games will be available to see how it's done. If you want to help, see the Community section.

How Does COGS Work?

COGS games are developed in a new language designed to be as easy to use a possible. If you've tried to learn something like C++ or Java and got bogged down in header files, external dependencies, 10GB IDE downloads and given up, give COGS a try. There is one small download that includes everything you'll need. Use your text editor of choice and start coding.